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Customer Testimonials

“Oxygen sensor worked great, exactly as described. Will be ordering all my parts from you guys. Thanks so much!”
-Brian, Virginia [January, 2020]

“Fast and easy to buy on this site!”
-Armando, Mississippi [January, 2020]

“Very pleased with this service. Fast delivery, updates provided frequently and great products. I recommend this website and the company.”
-Joel, New Jersey [January, 2020]

“Great website with lots of information. Thank you.”
-Glen, Arizona [December, 2019]

“Ordering was fast and easy. Part look up by application was great to confirm that the part being replaced was correct or a valid part. Great Overall Experience.”
-Mark, Minnesota [December, 2019]

“Quick and easy making it a pleasure to shop with you. I'll be back for sure.”
-John, South Carolina [December, 2019]

-Herbert, Ohio [November, 2019]

“Easy ordering!”
-M.W., Tennessee [October, 2019]

“Your site made this easy. Lots of online conflicts of which sensors to use on my 06 Jeep, your site let me verify and order. Competitive price and shipping. ”
-Ricky, Washington [October, 2019]

“Easy check out. Good pricing for the plugs. I will recommend this site to friends. ”
-Mike, Ontario [October, 2019]

“Very fast service. Easy to use web site. Quick delivery. ”
-D.J, California [October, 2019]

“My purchase experience has been a very good one. No hassles and will come back as customer again. ”
-Melvin, Florida [September, 2019]

“Fair priced, fast shipping, knowledgeable and friendly people. ”
-David, Iowa [August, 2019]
“So simple and easy to place my international order.”
-Davie, Scotland [August, 2019]
“Very easy to maneuver around website. Ordering was quick and straightforward.”
-Servando, Texas [July, 2019]
“Received and installed this item. Extremely well pleased. Decent price (compared to most other sellers), fast handling, secure and fast shipping. Thanks.”
-Dan, Virginia [July, 2019]
“I first talked to a representative over the phone and want to say how wonderfully responsive she was. Very helpful.”
-Andrew, Texas [July, 2019]
“Ordering is very easy. All the parts described accurately and clearly.”
-Mark, California [June, 2019]
“Easy to order, great price and low shipping. Will try installation tips next.”
-Seymour, Tennesse [June, 2019]
“This was super easy. The website part finder loads quickly and shipping was reasonable. It seems like you guys and girls have some pride in your service! Thanks so much. I'll be back for sure.”
-Jesse, Texas [June, 2019]
“Good transaction, quick shipping! ”
-Phillip, Ohio [June, 2019]
“Had what I needed in stock, good prices and quick shipping.”
-Terry, Pennsylvania [May, 2019]
“Easy to use, better than auto parts store site and better priced.”
-Thomas, Pennsylvania [May, 2019]
“Thank you for the great service, all the reason to use you guys again!”
-Abdullah, New York [May, 2019]
“Many thanks to Murphy in Customer Service who took the time to confirm I was ordering the correct parts for my 2005 Jag so my mechanic wouldn't be mad at me. Website was easy, prices were the best.”
-Deedra, South Carolina [May, 2019]

“Process went very smoothly, will definitely order again.”
- Santiago, Texas [May, 2019]
“Everything was pretty logical and well thought out. I'm sure I'll be a long time repeat customer.”
- Ty, Colorado [April, 2019]
“Good layout of the site that is easy to navigate. The multiple photos of the spark plugs are a nice feature. Prices very competitive. Well done!”
- James, Michigan [March, 2019]

“Nice, fast and easy!”

 - Dustin, Texas [January, 2019]

“I found what I was looking for quickly. The site was well designed and easy to navigate. Thank you for your exceptional standards of excellence in both your products and your customer service experience.”
- Dustin, Texas [January, 2019]
“Looking up the Part(s) that I needed was easy. I like the way they were explained. My application could have used one of three choices listed. Of course, only one was the proper one for my vehicle. Ordering was easy enough and when I called and spoke with a customer service representative, he was very friendly and gave me even more insight on how to be sure that I was buying the proper item(s). I hope I don't need to buy here often, but when I need special Toyota parts, this is the only place I'll shop. Thank you.”
- Gordon, Kentucky [January, 2019]
“Great Service and rapid delivery! Thank you for the free gift.”
- Anthony, California [January, 2019]
“Very Good!”
- Arnold, Kentucky [January, 2019]
“The web page is very friendly and quick. I found the part very easily.”
- Ricardo, Florida [November, 2018]
“Exceeds my expectations. Excellent website for ease of navigation. Had everything I required and more. Well done, 100% satisfied. Thank you for an awesome shopping experience.”
- Daniel, Canada [October, 2018]
“Easy to order and fast to ship.👍”
- Marzec, Ohio [October, 2018]
“Happy to get these plugs in stock…Fast process with fast shipping in 3 days.”
- Khalid, Dubai [October, 2018]
“Good price. Easy shopping. Thanks.”
- Michael, Maine [October, 2018]
“Outstandingly fast shipping.”
- Richard, Maine [September, 2018]
“Great site. Ease of use is fantastic.”
- Paul, New York [August, 2018]
“I was able to type in a part number and bring up exactly what I needed without hassle. Keep up the good work!”
- Alec, Wisconsin [August, 2018]
“Super fast shipping!”
- Penuelas, Puerto Rico [July, 2018]
“Quick & easy. Accepts PayPal, no issues.”
- Sam, Nevada [June, 2018]
“The experience was exemplary. If all on-line ordering websites were as simple, life would be so much more straightforward.”
- Mary, Tasmania [June, 2018]
“Very easy!!!! Thanks.”
- Fred, Arkansas [May, 2018]
“Aloha, thanks very much to your associate, who's information was golden. Very fast to get in touch with your technical department.”
- Nui, Hawaii [April, 2018]
“A real breeze. Simple and fast. It's great using PayPal!”
- Mark, New Jersey [April, 2018]
“Thank you. Very easy to find the right plugs and to place an order.”
- Henry, Oregon [April, 2018]
“Seamless ordering. Fast shipping and quality parts.”
- Tom, Colorado [April, 2018]
“Very easy to order the spark plugs I wanted. Will order them again when needed.”
- Michael, Ohio [March, 2018]
“Great service. Spoke with a tech today who was very helpful.”
- Mark, New Jersey [March, 2018]
“Super easy and fast. Took all of about a minute to complete checkout.”
- Gary, Colorado [March, 2018]
- Kevin, Wisconsin [March, 2018]
“Easy to order parts for my T-100 from your website. Thanks, keep up the good work.”
- Ersal, South Carolina [March, 2018]
“So far, excellent! Glad I found you! Before ordering I spoke with a tech who assured me I was ordering the correct item. Thank you!”
- Paul, New York [February, 2018]
“Easy online store to deal with.”
- Sam, Arizona [February, 2018]
“Thanks for the easy shopping experience and the prompt delivery.”
- Ross, New Zealand [February, 2018]
“It's so easy and no problems.”
- Jerry, California [February, 2018]
“Absolutely excellent.”
- Luis, Florida [February, 2018]
“5 Stars!”
- Jose, Puerto Rico [February, 2018]
“Thanks for making a friendly, east to use system!”
- Peter, New Zealand [January, 2018]
“It was a pleasant experience shopping with you!”
- Mike, Colorado [January, 2018]
“Fantastic service as always. Great pricing on quality plugs and extremely quick shipping and delivery. Keep it up!”
- Lou, Indiana [December, 2017]
“Price was comparable with others but they didn't have the parts in stock. Very happy with my shopping experience.”
- Jewel, Florida [December, 2017]
“Excellent site. Very easy to use.”
- Carlos, Puerto Rico [November, 2017]
“Really easy to use your site. I love using PayPal.”
- Jerry, California [November, 2017]
“Easily found the part I needed at a reasonable cost. Fast shipping too!”
- Ray, Pennsylvania [October, 2017]
“Received plugs today - absolutely the fastest I have ever received something from the states. Item was exactly what I requested, and thanks for the free gift! Thanks again and I will use you again if the need arises.”
- Gary, Queensland [October, 2017]
“Well organized web site to order, not cluttered. Easy to navigate.”
- Ralph, Alaska [October, 2017]
“Extremely easy website to use. I had no trouble at all ordering what I needed.”
- Robert, California [August, 2017]
“Thank you for being an outstanding company in a world of devolution.”
- Dennis, Alaska [August, 2017]
“Great web site and really great prices. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
- Chris [August, 2017]
“Easy to navigate and quick check out.”
- Francisco, Connecticut [August, 2017]
“The ordering experience was fantastic.”
- Mark, Massachusetts [August, 2017]
“LOVE this site and the links - very helpful videos and this is my first time placing an order.”
- Samuel, California [July, 2017]
“Website is very easy to navigate.”
- Edmond, Alabama [July, 2017]
“Thank you for your great service, very happy.”
- Mark, New South Wales [July, 2017]
“Excellent once I had the correct method to get the plugs I wanted. Dealers kept telling me "NOt AVAILABLE; NOT AVAILABLE"! Direct ordering is the way to go. I hate dealers!”
- Lance, Illinois [July, 2017]
“Easy and to the point.”
- Derreck, Wisconsin [July, 2017]
“I had to modify my order after placing it, and was accomodated quickly.”
- Lance, Utah [June, 2017]
“Second time ordering, very happy both times!”
- Dave, Colorado [June, 2017]
“Ordering was easy and painless. Your website is very user friendly. I give my ordering experience five stars.”
- Douglas, Virginia [June, 2017]
“Easy to find, great product. Check out easy. Thanks.”
- Dennis, North Carolina [June, 2017]
“Placed an order and received the order! Easy transaction!”
- Joseph, New Jersey [June, 2017]
“Very simple to order.”
- Duc, California [May, 2017]
“Quick, clear and with multiple choices made it easy to choose the right part!”
- Mikael, Sweden [May, 2017]
“Very good experience. Will order again. Thanks for fast shipping.”
- Clint, California [April, 2017]
“Very good experience with this company.”
- Mirco, Italy [March, 2017]
“Very good service; fast and accurate!”
- Welder, Georgia [March, 2017]
“Very efficient site. Excellent pricing and quality parts company.”
- Drake, Connecticut [March, 2017]
“Easy to order and good price. You had exactly what I was looking for.”
- Garrick, California [February, 2017]
“Thank you so much for the fast shipment of my order and for the free gloves! You guys are A-1 in my book!”
- Peter, Wisconsin [February, 2017]
“Good clean system. User friendly. Thanks guys from up here in Canada.”
- John, Ontario [February, 2017]
“You people are indeed awesome! Ordering was easy. Lowest prices I've found. Most reasonable shipping charges. Thank you for being there.”
- Thomas, Washington [January, 2017]
“Great site, easy ordering. Very happy with the service.”
- M. Bertrand, Louisiana [January, 2017]
“Great prices.”
- Jerome, California [January, 2017]
“Plugs arrived way sooner than expected & were very competitively priced. I'll be back.”
- Walt, Texas [November, 2016]
“I've been working on my own cars since I was 15. I was tuning 1970's muscle cars when they were new! So I was really surprised when I found a site that gave spark plug specs, including thread sizes and heat ranges!! How many people (and so-called mechanics) even know about heat ranges?? Not too many! Not only was the information on each plug extensive, but the Cross Reference Feature was great also! You even list the center electrode material type! Wow! It's nice to see a parts website that knows it’s stuff and provides expert-level knowledge to people like me who can really appreciate it! Next time I need plugs I'll be back here. I’ll be recommending this site to my friends who build and race all kinds of equipment. Great website design, website performance, easy checkout and outstanding prices as well. Keep up the excellent work!”
- Bruce, New Jersey [November, 2016]
“Excellent. Great customer service and tech support over the phone! Thank you!”
- Douglas, California [November, 2016]
“Awesome website. Every order has been spot on and on time! Thank you!”
- Joe, Arizona [November, 2016]
“A++, I would like to buy more from you.”
- Manoj, India [November, 2016]
“Good experience. I moved easily through the steps to purchase my part.”
- Paul, Virginia [November, 2016]
“Shopping and ordering were very easy. I can trust the order will be delivered accurately and timely. Looking forward to additional business with your company!”
- David, Tennessee [November, 2016]
“My order came so quick, I am amazed and very very satisfied with your rapid and quality service. Thank you!”
- Bohdan, Ontario Canada  [November, 2016]
“Shopping experience was great. I’ve ordered from you a couple times now, and it’s always a piece of cake and order is processed as described. I couldn't find the plugs I needed locally, so I went to you and they were cheaper on your site as well. Awesome business to deal with. I won’t be buying plugs anywhere else from now on.”
- Latham, Florida [November, 2016]
“Great shopping experience. It was easy to find the plugs I needed and to place the order. They shipped next day and I received them shortly thereafter. I’m a very happy customer, thank you.”
- Richard, New York [November, 2016]
“Excellent product. Shipped fast and delivered earlier than expected. Will order from you again in the future!”
- Rachelle, California [November, 2016]
“I wish I could tell you how to improve your store, but I think you have it figured out already. Everything was 100% A-OK!!”
- Richard, Pennsylvania [November, 2016]
“Absolutely hassle-free. Ordering couldn't be any simpler. Received my parts in a very timely manner. Will be ordering from you again.”
- Harold, Florida [November, 2016]
“You guys are on the mark! This was my first purchase from you. The spark plugs were at a reasonable price, the transaction was seamless, and I received my order in a short time. Thank you for being there.”
- Shareef, Hawaii [November, 2016]
“Totally satisfied. The parts arrived, I installed them that day, and there was immediate improvement. I will use your services in future, thanks.”
- Anthony, Washington [November, 2016]
“Spark plugs came very fast. All good quality, and they even threw in some gloves just for an extra. Overall very pleased.”
- Rick, Michigan [November, 2016]
“I'm very pleased with your business and will continue to order products from your company.”
- Kenneth, Maryland [November, 2016]
“Wonderful and fast service… everything I need and more. Thanks for the free gifts as well :)”
- Colin, Minnesota [November, 2016]
“Thank you so much for your prompt service! When I placed my order, the spark plugs were shipped the same day, and were in my mailbox 2 days later. Installed them on a 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140V and they work just fine. Great replacement for stock/OEM plugs.”
- Christopher, Georgia [October, 2016]
“I could not ask for a better experience. Ordering was easy, pricing was reasonable, and shipping was extremely fast. That is awesome service!”
- Irvin, California [October, 2016]
“I highly recommended this seller, thanks.”
- Robert, Colorado [October, 2016]
“Great prices, fast shipping and good communications. All good!”
- Tom, Idaho [October, 2016]
“It was easy to find items and it shipped quickly. They even provided nitrile gloves to handle the parts. Product was as stated. Great job.”
- John, Pennsylvania [October, 2016]
“As always, super easy to order using your website. I received notifications right away and the parts were delivered fast.”
- Pat, Illinois [October, 2016]
“Fast delivery and part fitted as expected... Best prices!!! The check engine light is off now, thank you!!!”
- Manuel, Florida [October, 2016]
"Positive experience. Fast shipping."
- Peter, California [October, 2016]
“I loved that you had just the parts I needed and you shipped them safely with the nuts on the ends of all 5 plugs. I’ve bought them in the past where the ends were missing and had to use the old ones, which is messed up. I’ll be buying from you from now on!”
- Frank, Florida [October, 2016]
“The product was much much cheaper than the local auto store. It was delivered on time and came with free gloves too! Thank you very much for that, they were very useful. I loved the feature where you can check if the part will fit my car or not. Overall, I am very satisfied and happy. Can't thank you enough!”
- Raghav, Nevada  [October, 2016]
"Great Customer service and fast shipping."
- Matt, Illinois [October, 2016]
“Easy to use website. Correct part sent and it was good quality.”
- Jay [October, 2016]
“Order had quick shipping and delivery.”
- Gerald, West Virginia [October, 2016]
"Easy to navigate and fast shipping."
- Douglas, Florida [October, 2016]
“Completely satisfied. My car is running great, thanks.”
- Rick [October, 2016]
“I was very pleased with the price, product and the timeliness in which I received the parts in the mail.”
- Cary, North Carolina [October, 2016]
"Easy ordering and shipping was spot on."
- Rich [October, 2016]
“Ordering on your website was extremely easy and efficient. I’m very happy with your ordering process and will be using you again.”
- David, Kansas [October, 2016]
“It was an excellent transaction with prompt and fast delivery. I will use you again.”
- Jerry, Oregon [October, 2016]
“I was impressed at the selection and price of your sparkplugs. My local auto stores tried to sell me a “similar” plug. I looked up the heat range and it was totally different. I repair and tune mowers so I probably go through a hundred plugs in a year. I’m glad I found you guys, you’re on my favorites list.”
- Johnny, Virginia [October, 2016]
“Appreciated the quick turnaround time on the order. Also, the help from your staff was a big factor in deciding to place the order. Product is a fair price and the cheap freight is also appreciated.”
- Dwayne, Kansas [October, 2016]
“I think overall everything is great. I have no problem when shopping, and I’ll continue to buy product from your website.”
- Giau, Vietnam [October, 2016]
“They shipped wrong plugs, but promptly shipped correct ones when I pointed out the mistake. Also, they paid for return of incorrect plugs. I am happy with their service.”
- Donald, Texas [October, 2016]
“Great cross-reference database, best prices, and fast shipping - The perfect purchasing experience!”
- Holger, South Carolina [October, 2016]
“Just what I ordered and was delivered fast.”
- Vince, California [October, 2016]
“Great services, thank you. I got my order and my next order is on the way.”
- Paul [October, 2016]
“I have a 40 HP Johnson and needed some info on spark plugs. I'm no engine mechanic, but I can get around and conduct general routine maintenance on my engines. I needed specs on 2 different plugs, from the same manufacturer, with similar characteristics. Your site helped educate me in the major differences in the 2 plugs and allowed me to make the right choice on which plug to use. I now have a good knowledge of plug characteristics and how certain specs can have a major difference in plug and engine performance. I will be back to your site when I have more questions that need answers. Thank You!!”
- Chris, Florida [September, 2016]
“It was a great ordering experience since it was simple and to the point. The cross reference feature was a great and much appreciated feature. Checkout was painless as well. Kudos to all.”
- Greg, Arizona [September, 2016]
“Great experience. I got the plugs I needed in the mail at 1/3 the price it would have cost locally.”
- Tommy, Alaska [September, 2016]
“Thank You, my order was sent in a timely manner. I had no problems and was able to find the plugs that I was looking for.”
- David, California [September, 2016]
“Love it, I just placed another order with you. You guys are great.”
- Melvin, Virginia [September, 2016]
“These are good spark plugs. My car used to run very rich. Come to find out my spark plugs were really burnt and weren't conducting a very good spark. But when I switched my plugs, I got a bigger spark and my car doesn’t run rich anymore, which saves me more in gas. For me it's a win.”
- Jay, Texas [September, 2016]
“Very pleasant and efficient online shopping experience.”
- Jean-Paul, Oregon [September, 2016]
“No better price. It was an easier shopping experience than trying to find the right plugs (that are never in stock) at my local auto supply store.”
- Jim, California [September, 2016]
“Parts were correct and shipped on the day of my order. Fast shipping from CA to SC. Thank you.”
- Danny, South Carolina [September, 2016]
“Couldn't get any better. Good price, fast shipping, and my car runs great.”
- Russ, California [September, 2016]
“Very straight forward & easy checkout. Good job, thank you.”
- Larry, California [September, 2016]
“Very fast response on my order change. Perfect shipment and fast delivery, even to Spain. Product delivered as requested. Very good service.”
- Joris, Spain [September, 2016]
"Your company is great to deal with. My boat runs like new."
- Jerry, Nebraska [September, 2016]
“All positive. Pricing was better than in stores, and speedy shipping was appreciated.”
- David, New Mexico [September, 2016]
“As always you deliver quality products on a timely manner. Thank you!”
- Giacomo [September, 2016]
“Very pleased with the service and great prices. The items I use are always in stock and ship fast. Good place to do business with. I have purchased from them for many years. Keep up the good work.”
- Ramon, Texas [September, 2016]
“No problems placing my first order on your website, thanks in advance.”
- Marc, France [August, 2016]
“Your site was easy to use and I received my plugs in just a few days. The hotter plugs took care of the problem I was having.”
- Brett, Ohio [August, 2016]
“Simple and easy. Excellent cross reference tools for Toyota owners. Easy to find parts. I'll be a returning customer.”
- Bryan [August, 2016]
“You had what I needed… at reasonable prices.”
- Ken [August, 2016]
"Everything was fine and the product works great."
- Robert [August, 2016]
“Hassle free process. Ordering was easy and I received the items very quickly. I ordered marine spark plugs, and they were exactly what I had ordered, at a great price.”
- Daniel, New York [August, 2016]
“The first set of plugs worked so well I ordered a backup second set.”
- Brett, Ohio [August, 2016]
"Thank you for the great service."
- Darrell, California [August, 2016]
“Very east to work with, excellent quality items and fast shipping. Would recommend your site to all.”
- Michael, Michigan [August, 2016]
“The order process was easy, even on a smartphone. The live customer service is outstanding. All my questions were answered to ensure that the parts were the correct ones for my vehicle. :)”
- Josephine [August, 2016]
“Awesome dealings. Quick service and great prices!!!”
- Matthew, Louisiana [August, 2016]
“I’m very pleased with my order. It shipped quickly and I received exactly what I ordered. You’re site is easy to use.”
- Justin [August, 2016]
“I found the item quickly with no hassle, and it was simple to check out and pay.”
- Reless, North Carolina [August, 2016]
"I found your website easy to navigate and use."
- Paul, Connecticut  [July, 2016]
“It was easy to locate specific plugs for my application. An easy order and quick delivery as advertised.”
- Jeff, Michigan [July, 2016]
“Spark plugs were very reasonably priced and received quickly and in great condition. The free gift was a nice surprise, thank you.”
- Daniel [July, 2016]
“Your Tech Support was very helpful in identifying the correct spark plug for a 1948 Ferguson tractor. No one else had any idea what the correct one was. Thanks!”
- Alan, Colorado [July, 2016]
“The spark plugs arrived well packaged and much sooner than I was expecting them.”
- Paul, Michigan [July, 2016]
“Ordered iridium plugs for my VW Touareg and Suzuki motorcycle. Fitment was correct and they arrived on time and packaged well.”
- John, New Mexico [July, 2016]
“You folks are great. I am glad I found you… Keep up the good work.”
- Bob, Florida [July, 2016]
“Had zero issues. Price was great. Product shipped quickly and received it in great condition.”
- Paul, Pennsylvania [July, 2016]
“My shopping experience was great and the shipping was fast!”
- Tomas, Texas [July, 2016]
“Service was excellent and delivery was earlier than expected.”
- Pascal, Quebec [July, 2016]
"Good price and fast delivery, thank you."
- Glen [July, 2016]
“The website is very user friendly. The order shipped complete and in a very timely manner. Can't beat the prices either. Well done.”
- Michael, Massachusetts [July, 2016]
“Great service, great price and fast delivery. Your site is the most convenient way to buy spark plugs.”
- Ed, Kentucky [July, 2016]
“Finding the correct spark plugs was a breeze, and the prices were great! Shipping was quick and if you plan ahead, you can save some cash! Thanks....”
- Kevin, New York [July, 2016]
“Super fast shipment, I got exactly what I ordered. THANK YOU!”
- Brent, Georgia [July, 2016]
“Quick, easy, and delivered fast. Everything was right!”
- Robert [July, 2016]
“Finding the right parts was easy. Your website is well laid out and user friendly. Prices are great!”
- Karl, Oregon [July, 2016]
“The website was easy to use”
- John, Texas [July, 2016]
“Excellent Experience”
- Dave [July, 2016]
“I bought 2 sets of plugs and a few other odds & ends. Great prices, and I liked the cross reference feature very much.”
- Joshua, Nevada  [July, 2016]
“Received the spark plugs in a matter of days of ordering them. Exact same product I would have gotten in any retail store, but at a great savings. I am very happy with the results and will surely purchase again.”
- Bart, New York [July, 2016]
“Best price, easy ordering and quick delivery. The entire process was excellent.”
- Mark, Florida [July, 2016]
“It’s hard to improve on perfection… My experience was about as smooth as you can get. Great price and great service.”
- Darrell, Illinois [July, 2016]
"Shopping was easy, shipping was fast and prices are good."
- Scott, Wisconsin [July, 2016]
“I was 100% satisfied with my purchase as well as how fast I got the product... I would definitely buy here again for my Subaru Needs.”
- Janio, Texas [July, 2016]
“Good Service and quick delivery of factory products at reduced pricing. Thank you.”
- Christopher, Florida [July, 2016]
“Shipping was timely and I got what I ordered at a good price.”
- Glenn, Georgia [July, 2016]
“Fast shipment at a great price.”
- David, Pennsylvania [July, 2016]
“Just wanted to say that it's a pleasure buying from your site. You seem to have the products I need and I always get my purchase within a couple days of ordering. I also want to mention that it's a treat to receive the order with the extra gift of rubber work gloves in the box. Thanks again.”
- Mario [July, 2016]
"Very easy, good experience, thanks."
- David, Florida [July, 2016]
“I live in Australia and this must be the best overseas service I ever had. Less than a week to receive the parts I ordered. Will use them again.”
- Pieter, Queensland, Australia [July, 2016]
“I received the spark plugs on time. You had what I needed at a good price.”
- Gary [July, 2016]
“Very good response time, packaging, and price. Excellent, I recommend it.”
- Francisco, California [June, 2016]
“You are a fantastic source (the best, probably) in your field!!!”
- Peter, Sweden [June, 2016]
“It’s very easy to use the search bar. I found the plugs for my marine engine in a matter of minutes.”
- Teddy, Wisconsin [June, 2016]
“Prior to my purchase being shipped, I was contacted by Vic [in Customer Service] regarding my order. Vic made sure that the order was correct, and during the exchange of information, Vic brought to my attention that I did not list my apartment number. He corrected my error by asking me for my information, and double checked the rest of my order before shipping. He was great and very helpful. Thanks Vic!”
- Terris, Nevada  [June, 2016]
“I'm very happy with my purchase and the speedy delivery of the product. Everything was exactly as advertised. Two thumbs up!”
- Douglas, Pennsylvania [June, 2016]
“Order arrived quickly and were the items I ordered.”
- Joe, California [June, 2016]
“Half the price compared to the dealer and about 25% less compared to chain stores. Package arrived in three days. I’m very pleased, thanks.”
- Thomas, Pennsylvania [June, 2016]
“All good. Great prices and prompt shipping.”
- Carl, New Jersey [June, 2016]
“Very good overall service. I especially like your instant shipping calculator which gives a very accurate, honest shipping rate. Very fast shipping too!!”
- Ann, New York [June, 2016]
“Excellent. Shipping was reasonable and quick. I will definitely purchase from here again.”
- Robert [June, 2016]
“Quick, easy and affordable, with a realistic shipping cost.”
- Dan, Michigan [June, 2016]
“Service was great, shipping and handling was excellent. It’s a very simple process to order and receive product.”
- John, Pennsylvania [June, 2016]
“Your prices are about half the price of the dealer. Very speedy service without any problems. This is my second time on this site and will definitely use you again. Ride on!”
- Tom [June, 2016]
“Great price, fast shipping and just what I ordered.”
- Paul, Utah [June, 2016]
“I would rate the website and the ordering process a perfect 10. I would particularly note that the shipping time was extremely fast, and this was much appreciated. I also called the customer service to verify the sizing of two unrelated items, and it was great to have ready access to a professional customer service team. I am very happy with the products ordered and with the manner in which my order was filled so expeditiously.”
- Karen [June, 2016]
“Good pricing, quick and accurate.”
- Dan, Tennessee [June, 2016]
“Fast and easy purchase. It was the best price I could find on the internet and local parts stores. The plugs are doing what they should for my supercharged application.”
- Jason, Kansas [June, 2016]
“First time using this company and I find them to be great. Prices are about the lowest I have found, and the website is easy to use.”
- Alex, Rhode Island [June, 2016]
“Excellent website. Easy and clear direction towards the plug I needed. I wanted to let you know that this experience was simple and easy. Nicely done.”
- Timothy, Texas [May, 2016]
"Love the shipping options."
- Charles, Maryland [May, 2016]
"Quick and accurate shipping."
- Steven, Illinois [May, 2016]
“Great customer service. Another website was incorrect so I ordered the incorrect plug, but you helped me find the correct one.”
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“Fast shipping of the correct item, and it arrived the day I needed it, thanks.”
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"Your website is easy to navigate."
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"Thank you for the very prompt, excellent service!"
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“Very competitive with the price, including the shipping cost, and very easy to place the order.”
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“Thank you for the free gift!! I did not expect it. It arrived very fast. It came from another country faster than you can buy it at some places locally!”
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“This website is very easy to navigate around and find what you need. It has been a pleasure to do business with such a tech friendly company.”
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“I had a great experience. My order was shipped and received faster than I thought, great service.”
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"Got all the right stuff. Thanks!"
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"Great experience and fast shipping, thanks."
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"Arrived quickly and was well packaged."
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“It was a great experience to choose from all the different varieties of spark plugs. I had an easy time finding what I wanted, and found the right part on the first try. Thank you.”
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“Nice packaging, quick shipping, and they resolved my problem.”
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“Your shipping was easy and fast. Love the service! Love the website too! There is SO much information there!”
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“I got my spark plugs in a very timely manner. All the spark plugs came well packaged and were exactly what I ordered. They have been running fine in my engine ever since I installed them. Will be ordering again soon.”
- Bradley, Texas [May, 2016]
“I race speedway motorcycles and have been paying more than double the price for the plugs when I buy them at the race parts supplier. I made the order and in just a couple days I had my spark plugs and had a new spark plug supplier. The whole process could not have been easier and I didn't have to make an hour drive round trip... Thank you.”
- Gregory, California [May, 2016]
“Product was easy to find and order, great product info and specs.”
- Aaron, Maryland [May, 2016]
“Everything was perfect... time to ship, shipping, and product.”
- Michael, Michigan [May, 2016]
“Thank you for the great service. Oh, and thank you VERY much for the gloves… Fun surprise. 5 Star service all the way around.”
- Chris, Tennessee [May, 2016]
“Easy to find a specific spark plug, reasonable pricing.”
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“The call was handled very professional, yet personal. Very informative and knowledgeable on the product. The shipping was fast and we appreciated that. We would for sure call again if needed. You have awesome customer service. WOW.”
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“I had no problems shopping on this site. You had the plugs I needed for my outboard, thank you…”
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“Good website, excellent service. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a free gift with my order.”
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“The spark plugs work great. Starting is easier. The price is very good compared to going to a local small engine dealer or big retail chain store. Very happy and will purchase again. I think these will last a long time...”
- William, Alabama [May, 2016]
“I had a technical question about the part that I had ordered. Your representative didn't know the answer, but said he'd find out and get back to me, and HE DID. Wow, in this day and age of people not returning phone calls, this really stood out. Good for you guys!”
- Norman, California [May, 2016]
“Shopping from your website was very easy and convenient… it was a pleasure doing business with your company. Pricing is wonderful!”
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“Great company. Spark plugs arrived in a nicely packed box, unlike other online stores. Thanks for the extra goodies that were thrown in the box, will buy again.”
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“I ordered marine plugs for my outboard boat motor. You’re half the cost of my marina and the plugs arrived within 4 days. I will use your site again.”
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“Very easy to find items and order. Best price I found over local stores, and they did not even carry the plugs I needed.”
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“Great shopping experience. Fast shipping and great product. Solved my problem!”
- Al, Oregon [April, 2016]
"Great service and fast!!! Navigating the site was easy and user friendly. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I could not find any local supplier who had the spark plugs that I needed in stock. The Suzuki dealer was giving me ETA for May 20, so I did a little of research on the net and ordered directly from you guys. Not even 1 week had passed since I placed my order, and I already have them in my hands. I wish we had businesses like yours here in Canada. Thank you guys!!!"
- Peter, Ontario Canada  [April, 2016]
“Thank you for the right part, delivered fast, at a great price. Nice and easy-to-use website as well. Your site is on my favorites list for when I need more automotive supplies.”
- Matt, Indiana [April, 2016]
“Spark plugs for a 20 year old Honda arrived quickly.”
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“Spark plugs arrived as ordered… no complaints overall.”
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“Certainly a pleasure to get what I wanted in a plug without hassles and without expensive shipping charges.”
- P. William, New York [April, 2016]
“Wonderful! I own a performance shop and it's perfect for me. Prices are less than my wholesale price at some auto parts stores. You've definitely earned a loyal and continuing customer. Thank you for all around great service.”
- Lonnie, California [April, 2016]
“Outstanding service!! Good prices and fast shipping!! Love your shipping calculator, very quick, cheap and honest calculating!!”
- Ann [April, 2016]
“I spoke with a gentleman on the phone earlier today who was very helpful. Very easy process and I was able to order the product I needed to keep my bike going. Keep it up!”
- M.K., Texas [April, 2016]
“No problems placing the order and I received it quickly.”
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“Fast, efficient and at a great price!”
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“Product just as advertised, price was good and delivery was very good. Cross reference was accurate.”
- Don, Ohio [April, 2016]
“Your site was very helpful and the shipping cost was competitive and fast.”
- Glynn [April, 2016]
“Easy ordering, prompt inexpensive shipping. I found the same glow plug at an engine distributor, but they charged $44 more per plug.”
- David, Massachusetts [April, 2016]
“Fast shipping, great price, and accurate order. I've used this site a couple of times now and will use them again.”
- Randy, Wisconsin [April, 2016]
“Got what I needed in a timely fashion, thank you.”
- Antonio, Texas [April, 2016]
“You guys do a GREAT JOB!!! I bought one set of plugs for my Honda and was impressed with the range of options for my car and the high speed shipping. It was cheaper than the price at my local dealer. Three weeks later I ordered a second set for my other Honda. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT SERVICE.”
- Mike, Virginia [April, 2016]
“Very good. Got the spark plug and it was packed very well.”
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“Excellent! Cost was less than others and delivery was quicker than I expected.”
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“Quick shipping, received right part, good prices!”
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“Great website! Easy to access and use, did not need any help. Have used your site many times. Keep up the good work!”
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“Excellent prices, service and super quick shipping. Very pleased and will be buying more plugs soon!”
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“Awesome service. Great product at a great price.”
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“So far the experience has been excellent.”
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“It was easy.  All steps were easy to follow.”
- Glenn, Wisconsin [April, 2016]
“Love the website, easy ordering system. Love it!!! I will be back when I decide which design of your spark plugs I want to use.”
- Timothy, North Carolina [April, 2016]
“Perfect quality and fast delivery. Just fitted and tested on my 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5XT Limited. Excellent performance.”
- Greg, Georgia [April, 2016]
“My order came in fast and accurate, and I loved my free gift of Nitrile Gloves!”
- Christopher, Indiana [March, 2016]
“Great service. I will use you from now on.”
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“Excellent website, very easy to shop.”
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“These are great spark plugs at a very good price. I ordered them early in the morning and they were shipped that same day. I used the cheapest shipping method and received them 2 days later. There was also a free "Thank You for ordering" gift inside the package.  Great company selling quality products at reasonable prices. Will definitely be a returning customer.”
- Chris [March, 2016]
“I ordered an o2 sensor for my Acura. It was the OE plug & play unit for less then what the auto part stores sell for. I received it SUPER fast, and they even threw in a 3 pack of premium rubber gloves as a free gift.”
- Michael, California [March, 2016]
“It was great and it came within a few days. Thanks for the gloves I needed them.”
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“Excellent product and it's doing its job! Thanks a lot guys I look forward to continued business with you!”
- Donnell, North Carolina [March, 2016]
“Simple, unbelievably simple! Great site layout. Awesome search feature.”
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“You have an immense, complete inventory of all types of spark plugs. Selection is quite easy and purchased items are extremely affordable. Shipping is prompt, and I am completely satisfied with your organization.”
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“Shopping was very easy and fast. I found what I wanted and I saved money. What could be better? Thank you.”
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“Thanks for the fast shipping.”
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“Easy site to navigate. Prices seem to be good. Most important items in stock in the USA, ship and arrive quickly.”
- Eric, Ohio [March, 2016]
“Your website is fantastic. The best part is the reverse engineering feature for looking up something specific without thumbing through pages of paper catalogs or PDF files. Ordering was easy and Shipping was prompt”
- Jeremy, Tennessee [March, 2016]
“Low prices, way better than brick and mortar stores. Fast shipping also!”
- Steven [March, 2016]
“Very smooth. Much better than most internet ordering.”
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“Excellent service. Easy, fast fix with problem accepting Visa. Will use again. Thanks.”
- Steve [March, 2016]
“I’ve bought these spark plugs a lot on the internet, but this website was cheaper. Original spark plug and faster delivery.”
- Ivane, Delaware [March, 2016]
“My shopping experience was great. The website was easy to navigate and I received my product very quickly. Thanks.”
- Lavar, Florida [March, 2016]
“Site was easy to navigator. Found my vehicle without trouble. Suggested product matched OEM spec. Good pricing, fast shipping, robust packaging.”
- Bruce, Colorado [March, 2016]
“Received wrong spark plugs from different vendor. Easy to order, prompt quick service and correct quality product received.”
- Johannes, Georgia [March, 2016]
“Only one word! PERFECT!!! the cheapest in the world... only 15 days for shipping from USA to Europe..... #1!”
- Gianfranco, Italy [March, 2016]
“Excellent service great prices fast delivery looking around on the site for parts for my make saw the prices were better than other places so i will ordering other stuff in the near future ... On the star rating i give you guys 6 stars... Thank you.”
- Alain, Canada [March, 2016]
“Good website and search engine. Excellent cross reference service that allowed me to convert from old marine plug for my Johnson outboard to the latest technology - Iridium plug. I purchased 6 plugs and experienced fast shipping to Australia with parcel tracking. Definitely happy with this smooth transaction. Will buy again.”
- Jerry, Australia [March, 2016]
“spark plug was in stock and arrived when expected. Great value.”
- George, Connecticut [March, 2016]
“They shipped me the right plugs very quickly.”
- David, Mississippi [March, 2016]
“Excellent Customers service. I received a call from a customer service representative shortly after placing my order to confirm my address. My order was promptly shipped after that. Thanks.”
- Mark, Mark [March, 2016]
“Quick, fast and easy, need I say more?”
- Kevin [February, 2016]
“Excellent customer service and quick shipping!”
- Joyce, Massachusetts [February, 2016]
“Got some alternate plugs for my '15 R12GS. Better price than OEM at any place I shop. Fast service. Thanks for the free gift pack of nitrile gloves!”
- Loren, South Carolina [February, 2016]
“Had a hard time finding spark plug covers to fit my bike...sent in an email and within a day I had my answer of which one would work. Great customer service and pricing, had the parts in a few days.”
- Barry, Delaware [February, 2016]
“Couldn't have been any easier. Simple and fast, thanks.”
- Kevin, Minnesota [February, 2016]
“Fast shipping, no issues. Great order.”
- Ryan [February, 2016]
“Easy, fast response and cheaper compared to others.”
- Yap, Malaysia [February, 2016]
“It was a very good shopping experience.”
- Hwai Tsu, Georgia [February, 2016]
“Once I found the spark plugs I was looking for and ordered them, they were delivered quickly and securely. I installed the plugs in my VW Jetta VR6 with care and they solved all of my misfiring and chugging problems. Sweet plugs and although they were somewhat expensive, it was well worth the extra cost. It runs like a new car now and gets better fuel mileage than it did for the previous owner.”
- Pete, Massachusetts [February, 2016]
“Great customer service from Paige. I'll surely be shopping with you in the future,”
- Jack, Maryland [February, 2016]
“Great quick delivery, thank you.”
- K.M. [February, 2016]
“My spark plugs arrived in a timely manner. I had to communicate with you because the shipper made a mistake & had the plugs scanned as delivered when they were not, but you all assured me they were on their way & I did get them soon enough. They are installed & work fantastically. Thanks again for your help.”
- Michel, Oregon [February, 2016]
“Fast service and the price is cheap. Parts are good quality.”
- Khun, Virginia [February, 2016]
“You need to advertise more. I was quoted just over $20 a plug plus installation at my local BMW independent shop. Assuming I get the plugs in a timely manner, I see nothing to be improved on with your ordering system. Thanks for saving me a substantial amount.”
- Joe, Indiana [February, 2016]
“Fast Service. I highly recommend doing business with this company!”
- H.R., Kentucky [February, 2016]
“This site made purchasing my automotive parts easier. Loved it and will use it again.”
- Daniel, California [February, 2016]
“Great site, I have been searching for the right part and the vehicle information was perfect.”
- Robert [February, 2016]
“Fast shipping speed. Lower priced products than parts stores. Will order again.”
- Dray, Indiana [February, 2016]
“Great prices for great plugs. Can't beat the selection, pricing, & reasonable shipping cost. Thanks.”
- Brad, Alabama [February, 2016]
“Great shopping experience and very fast delivery. They came a day ahead of schedule. Ordered on Monday night and they were at my door Thursday afternoon. Very impressed. Price was great as well.”
- Sterling, Iowa [February, 2016]
“Easy ordering, great price, prompt shipping, will be back, thanks for the gloves!”
- Jeff, Arizona [February, 2016]
“Great Product!”
- Fabien, Quebec [February, 2016]
“Thank you guys for my order, you guy rock!”
- Carmelo, Florida [February, 2016]
“I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for your help.”
- M.L. [February, 2016]
“Great experience. Website was user friendly, price was excellent and shipping was prompt. I will definitely be buying again.”
- D. Hays, Arkansas [January, 2016]
“Great 👍 Fast shipping.”
- Rockie, Illinois [January, 2016]
“Hi, I was looking for spark plugs for my old Seagull Outboard motors. These motors were built in the 60's so finding plugs can be difficult and expensive. Not so with you folks, I got two plugs right away (less than one week delivered) and I think the cost was about $2.50 each delivered. [Your competitor] charges more (about $9.00 each, plus freight). Thanks for your service, I'll buy all my plugs from you from now on! By the way, I still use these little engines nearly every week to power my 21 foot sloop.”
- Joe [January, 2016]
“Best prices and fast shipping. Definitely buying my spark plugs from here from now on.”
- Javier, California [January, 2016]
“Thanks so much!!! Fast shipping at a great price.Price for the item is great. Awesome Customer Service!!! :)”
- Rich, California [January, 2016]
“You guys are the absolute BEST. Placed my order on 1/26 and they were at the PO on the 29th. Unbelievable!!!! I will never by plugs from anyone else and I posted on out Striped bass Board all about you guys and your service.”
- Paul [January, 2016]
“looked for these sparkplugs where I live and couldn't find them anywhere. I went to your website and found them right away! The price was outstanding and I received them in no time. Excellent service!”
- Lois, New York [January, 2016]
“Found the products easily on the site. Was able to place my order without difficulty. I'm happy.”
- Dave, Florida [January, 2016]
“Fast n easy.”
- Jeff, Pennsylvania [January, 2016]
“The order I made was easy and website friendly to use.”
- Chris, Illinois [January, 2016]
“As smooth a process as any I've had.”
- Gary, Gary [January, 2016]
“Thank you! Delivered quickly and well packed.”
- Ivanu, Moldova [January, 2016]
“Very happy with the service.  Ordered before the new year, thought it would be delayed due to the holidays.  You shipped my order the same day I placed it.  Gave your website address to my friends – will recommend to all my friends.”
- Gennady, Kazakhstan [January, 2016]
“Excellent service, excellent price and delivery very quick.”
- Bernie, Australia [January, 2016]
“Perfect service! Excellent delivery times. Thank you very much for getting me hard to get parts, overseas and within a week.”
- Nathan, Netherlands [January, 2016]
“Thanks for sending the SparkPlugs very quick. And I must say the plugs are way better than the ones that were in the bike when I got it.”
- Dave, Krumpendorf [January, 2016]
“Happy with online buying experience. Pleased to get OEM parts for my Saturn.”
- Robert, Texas [January, 2016]
“Your process was simple and easy to use. I had no issues with your web site. The time to place my order was very short - that's good - compared to other sites I've used. Your price was also among the lower ones I found at other sites. I'll come back when I need more of your products.”
- Don, Massachusetts [January, 2016]
“You guys rock! You always have the spark plugs that I need and you beat everyone’s price.”
- D. Welker, Arizona [December, 2015]
"A+ Excellent service and product. User friendly site."
- C. Long, California [December, 2015]
“Wow - wasn't a large order, but I'm very impressed. Fast shipping! And the disposal gloves, REALLY HANDY - Thanks!”
- D. Brown, Texas [December, 2015]
"Quick shipping and easy returns, I ordered wrong item and the return was easy with refund posted in reasonable amount of time. Will order again when looking for new plugs."
- T. Main, Indiana [December, 2015]
“I like it a lot… I have more power in my Honda CRV… you guys keep up the good work.”
- Tony, Texas [December, 2015]
"Thanks, I love your website!"
- Z. Blinn, New Hampshire [December, 2015]
“Very simple and easy to ship overseas. Thank you.”
- Jake, Ohio [December, 2015]
"Thanks you did a great job."
- G. Contreras, New Mexico [December, 2015]
“My experience was great. I was able to find a rather obscure plug with little difficulty – and I'm no computer geek!! I will definitely be back!!”
- M. Clark, Nevada  [December, 2015]
“No problems. I ordered the spark plugs I needed (for a 1967 MGB) and a few days later they came in the mail. It was nice receiving the rubber gloves as a gift.”
- B. Gumpert, Pennsylvania [December, 2015]
“About a year ago I needed 10 spark plugs for my P/U truck. This was the only place I could find original stock plugs. I order them very easily and they arrived in 2 days. It was all very convenient. A couple of months ago the check engine light came on. It turned out to be a spark plug went bad. I ordered another one and again in 2 days it was here. Ordering plugs was very easy. Service was very good. I will use them again.”
- J. Benton, California [December, 2015]
“My experience was easy and fast. I was able to find the correct spark plugs and cross reference different manufacturers. I was able to place the order quickly and receive the spark plugs within 5 days of purchase. I am very satisfied with my experience. Thanks!”
- A. Monostra, Pennsylvania [December, 2015]
"Amazing product and prices"
- Husam [December, 2015]
“Excellent product, very fast delivery. The engine worked perfectly with the new plugs, no defects. Thank you.”
- P. Hruby, New York [December, 2015]
“At the time, best price on the Web… super-fast shipping; really liked their interactive website, was able to quickly narrow down what I was looking for using keywords and/or part numbers.”
- Donald, Massachusetts [December, 2015]
"Great service, fast shiping and very good price."
- M. Semyaticz, Israel [December, 2015]
“Your site has a good interface, easy to find multiple choices in plugs.”
- Tom [December, 2015]
“Fast shipping, Very happy with everything, will definitely order again.”
- Dave B., Illinois [December, 2015]
"Great service and fast shipment, thanks."
- F. Shoptaugh, Arizona [December, 2015]
“I had a good experience in both locating the plugs that I wanted, followed by my ability to be able to compare other plugs, and finally the ordering process was not difficult than any other online purchase. The delivery was completed on time and I am happy with the characteristics and performance of the spark plugs.”
- J. Davies, Virginia [December, 2015]
“Price is very competitive, and the product arrived quickly on the East Coast!”
- J. Schaible, New Jersey [December, 2015]
“I was completely satisfied, awesome customer service... I would recommend this online supplier to anyone who needs to order parts (quality, right exact fit for any vehicle.) I will definitely purchase from this supplier again.”
- B. Deon, Massachusetts [December, 2015]
“Great price on the glow plugs I purchased and fast shipping. Great shopping experience.”
- L. Davis, North Carolina [December, 2015]
"My shopping experience was excellent. The range of product was great, the prices even with conversions were competitive, the shipping was reasonable and quick. Your site was simple to navigate. All in all a wonderful experience. Thank you.”
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“Excellent delivery time. Good price. Recommend to everyone.”
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“Great price, fast shipping. Very happy.”
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“Very easy. I’ll be ordering more from you. Thanks!”
- B. Morris, Arizona [December, 2015]
“Competitive prices with an easy to navigate website and a simple ordering process.”
- M. Linihan, Michagan [November, 2015]
"The package arrived in perfect condition. The spark plugs are well protected in the box. The shipping was very fast . Thank you so much for everything."
- E. Jorge, Spain [November, 2015]
"Quick and smooth!"
- T. Souza, Massachusetts [November, 2015]
“I'd like to commend Jon in sales who went out of his way… saving me 4 days in shipping wait time... Will NOT be forgotten in my future view of this company. Thanks!”
- C. Lauter, California [November, 2015]
“Excellent assistance retrofitting a 1957 British roadster. Will buy ALL my ignition needs from this source.”
- L. Amprim, Michigan [November, 2015]
“Fantastic service, part ordered Tuesday, arrived in England the following Tuesday. Part was perfect fit.”
- Andrew [November, 2015]
“I just wanted to let your company know that you’re doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, and have a fantastic year.”
- T. Fields, California [October, 2015]
"This has been one of my easiest orders I have done, thank you"
- D. Johnson, Ohio [October, 2015]
“Good prices. Smooth and simple ordering. ‘I'll be back ‘. Local store don't seem to have as much stock. Called 3 local, major auto stores, all out of stock!! You guys made it easy!”
- J. Vroom, Texas [October, 2015]
“Yeah - I'm using these guys again for my quantity orders. Not only were the parts less expensive than anywhere else on the planet (even WITH the shipping added in ....) I got them in two days AND I received a "freebie" in the box that was most welcome. BRAVO for the trifecta of GREAT customer service!!”
- G. Stewart, Minnesota [October, 2015]
“Great pricing and great experience. I am looking forward to delivery and am scheduling an install appointment right now.”
- L. Herzog, Montana [October, 2015]
"Great and will be ordering soon again."
- Jeff, California [October, 2015]
"Very good ordering site."
- G. Unnsteinsson, Iceland [October, 2015]
"GREAT WEBSITE!!! Very easy to navigate. Easy to find correct plug, etc. Thanks!!"
- B. Brown, Texas [September, 2015]
"Very good seller, the item arrived in 10 days. Very satisfied, thank you."
- D. Mediouni, Israel [September, 2015]
"Order was correct and delivered in a very quick turnover time."
- T. Field [September, 2015]
"A very smooth, trouble-free shopping experience. I will definitely be a return customer."
- H. Meves, Kentucky [September, 2015]
"Ordered plugs at noon Friday, was in mailbox Monday morning. Super good service, price was cheaper than anywhere I could find around here or on internet."
- S. Pelowski, Texas [August, 2015]
"Painless ordering experience. I'll definitely be back! Thanks!"
- M. Meinholz, Wisconsin [August, 2015]
"Good Seller, very fast service and shipping."
- G. Gonzalez, Puerto Rico [August, 2015]
"Very very fast shipping. I really recommend for all of them."
- Yashar, Russia [August, 2015]
"I found your part number through a forum I frequent for my SC400. I called to verify if it was still available. I spoke with Murphy, who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for the outstanding level of customer service he provided."
- Chris, Arizona [August, 2015]
"Ordered two oxygen sensors for vehicle based on mechanics description. Both sensors arrived promptly. One of the sensors was incorrectly described by my mechanic and had to be returned. Return and credit were handled promptly. Will definitely purchase from this vendor again."
- B. Sanders, Illinois [August, 2015]
“Parts were easily found and very easily ordered. Great ordering experience. Thanks.”
- Greg [August, 2015]
“All of the products I have purchased have arrived promptly and are a good value.”
- Frank [August, 2015]
"Best and least expensive place for spark plugs. Always have the ones I want and super fast shipping!"
- J. Kelly, Hawaii [August, 2015]
"I had a very quick and easy transacting when I ordered my supplies. The site provided information about the different plugs."
- T. Wilke, Florida [August, 2015]
"My experience was great. Easy to order, arrived in a timely matter, was as described on the web page."
- D. Scott, Washington [August, 2015]
"It was an easy and fast way to find technical information that I needed, and then to purchase the items."
- H. Kalda, Florida [August, 2015]
“Very helpful. You provide good item with reasonable price.”
- A. Murnadinata, Qatar [July, 2015]
“Great fast service, and the complimentary work gloves are a nice touch that shows appreciation for customers. Well done!”
- Robert [July, 2015]
"My order received yesterday here in Australia in very good time. Well packaged and the extra gift was much appreciated. You now have a dedicated customer. Thank you and kind regards…"
- L. McKay, Australia [July, 2015]
"I have ordered from you twice now. Both times were great! Your web page is very user friendly."
- D. Scott, Washington [July, 2015]
“Super product Site. Easy online ordering. Another satisfied customer... I Do Things Myself and Do It Right… Thanks for your great products!”
- Josh [July, 2015]
"Easy & straight forward, no worries... Thank you."
- R. Rama, United Kingdom [July, 2015]
"I found this site while shopping for plugs for my 900 Vulcan. Very easy site to use, the shipping was prompt and the prices are reasonable. Just order and it will be delivered to your door."
- D. Cooks, Kentucky [July, 2015]
"Great description and review of product. Great price and great quick service. The only place I get my spark plugs for all my vehicles. Highly recommended."
- M. Baciak, Ohio [July, 2015]
"Best selection of all types of plugs at reasonable prices anywhere. Prompt and economical delivery."
- C. Brockway, New York [July, 2015]
"My experience from start to finish was smooth and effortless. I would order from them again."
- B. Telfer, North Carolina [July, 2015]
"You had the item I needed at a competitive price; ordering was easy; it arrived a day early; item performed according to expectations; will be shopping here again!"
- S. Ross, Texas [July, 2015]
“Excellent. They delivered on everything they promised.”
- J.D. [July, 2015]
"Could not get easier. Great service, thanks."
- E. Steele, California [June, 2015]
"It was simple to find the spark plug I needed. A few clicks and I had it ordered. Loved that I could pay for it with PayPal!"
- R. Clark, Missouri [June, 2015]
"GREAT!!!! GREAT!!!!!"
- J. Keele, Tennessee [June, 2015]
"Ordering online was fast and painless. Customer Service was awesome and immediate to determine which plug I needed…"
- J. Groff, Washington [June, 2015]
"Great, smooth ordering process, intuitive, easy to use."
- S. Robinson, Utah [June, 2015]
"Very simple and so easy; found my spark plug almost immediately. The store where I purchased my weed eater years ago rarely ever has my spark plug in stock! Thanks a million!!!"
- K. A. Vines, Mississippi [June, 2015]
"I am happy with the service provided… your quick response is satisfactory."
- J. Brown, United Kingdom [May, 2015]
"Order was a breeze. Items had a good description… Thank you."
- C. Wagner, New York [May, 2015]
"I was very happy with my experience dealing with you and would recommend you to others."
- E. Dybala, Illinois [May, 2015]
"Very impressed with ease of ordering and speed of shipment. I'll come back and suggest you to our car club…"
- G. Nielsen, Iowa [April, 2015]
"Couldn't be better! Thank you!"
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